Project History

Glacier has completed over one hundred projects in our history.  Our people and our capabilities have grown with each failure and success. 

The following is a list of all of our past projects.  For additional information on particular projects, please see the contact page and let us know what you need.  Projects marked with an "A" in the leftmost column are currently in progress.  Please see our projects page for more information on active projects.

   Ref.    Owner    Project
 A  1744   City of Greeley
  Poudre Ponds Pump Station
 A  1743   South Adams County Water & Sanitation District
  2017 Infrastructure Improvements Project
 A  1742   City of Westminster
  80th & Clay Lift Station
   1741   Colorado Springs Utilities
  Roxbury Pump Station
 A  1740    Denver Southeast Suburban Water & Sanitation District
  Pinery Well A-16
 A  1739   Mt. Werner Water & Sanitation District   Yampa Wells Water Treatment Facility CMAR
 A  1738   Denver Water
  Ashland Parking Lot Extension
 A  1737   Ken-Caryl Ranch Water and Sanitation District
  Valley Pump Station and Water Storage Tank 2 & 3 Improvements
 A  1736   Colorado Springs Utilities
  Skyway Tank Replacement
 A  1735   Board of Public Utilities, Cheyenne, Wyoming
   BOPU Cheyenne Southern Sewer Interceptor Main
 A  1734   Cottonwood Water & Sanitation District
  Cottonwood Highlands Booster Pump Station
 1633   Metro Wastewater Reclamation District
  Metro PAR 1088- Brantner Gulch
   1632   City of Littleton/Englewood   Manhole Replacement
   1631   Leprino Foods Company
  Lagoon Liner Replacement
   1630   Colorado Springs Utilities
  Birdsall Power Plant Discharge Pipeline
   1629   South Adams County Water & Sanitation District
  Temporary Press Emergency Water & Sludge Supply, etc.
 1628   City of Louisville
  Harper Lake Maintenance
   1627   Leprino Foods Company
  Flow Equalization Tanks
   1626   Ken-Caryl Ranch Water & Sanitation District
  Wood Brothers Lift Station Pump Replacement
   1625   City of Durango
  Twin Buttes Booster Station
   1624   City of Longmont
  Nelson-Flanders Water Treatment Plant Chemical Feed Building Settlement
   1623   Platte Canyon Water & Sanitation District
  Columbine West Pump Station
   1622   City of Westminster
  Big Dry Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant
   1621   South Adams County Water & Sanitation District
  SACWSD Digester Recirculation Pumps Installation
   1620   City of Longmont
  City of Longmont Biofilter
   1619   Parker Water & Sanitation District
  NWRF Filter Rehabilitation
 A  1618   Colorado Springs Utilities
  Las Vegas Street Wastewater Treatment Facility BNR Improvements
   1617   North Pine Vistas Metropolitan District No. 1
  Lagae Lift Station Permanent No. 9
   1616   City of Louisville
  2016 Chlorine Contact Chamber Improvements
   1615   East Cherry Creek Valley Water & Sanitation District
  ECCV WSD Pump Station Demolition
   1614   Metro Wastewater Reclamation District
  Metro PAR 1239 Flow Meter Program
   1513   City of Greeley, Colorado
  2015 Sanitary Sewer Lift Station Rehabilitation Project
   1512   Leprino Foods Company
  Greeley Phase 2 Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrades
   1511    City & County of Broomfield
  Water Plant Filter Media Replacement
   1510   Aviation Station North Metropolitan District   Pena Station Phase 1 Infrastructure Lift Station Project
   1508   Town of Rangely, Colorado    Rangely Structural Repairs 
   1507   City of Louisville, Colorado   Raw Water Diversion Improvements Project
   1506   Town of Larkspur   New Water Storage Tank
   1505   South Adams County Water & Sanitation District   300,000 Gallon Reservoirs Access Hatch Repairs 
   1504    Town of Kremmling, Colorado   Phase 02 Water Treatment Plant Improvements 
   1403   City of Longmont, Colorado    Longmont Wastewater Treatment Plant Gravity Thickening and Digester Gas Modifications Project 
  1402   Pinery Water & Wastewater District   Pinery Reservoir 2B
  1401   South Adams County Water & Sanitation District   Williams Monaco Wastewater Treatment Plant BNR Upgrade Project
  1400   City of Westminster, Colorado   Semper Water Treatment Facility 2014 Improvements
  1499   Forest View Acres Water District   Forest View Acres Backwash Pond
  1498   South Adams County Water & Sanitation District   Supplemental Irrigation System Connection at Landmark Pump Station and Well 81 Modifications
  1497   Colorado Springs Utilities   Fountain Valley Authority Pumping Plant No. 4, Unit No. 2 Replacement
  1496   Mountain Water Sanitation District   Wastewater Treatment Improvement Project
  1495   City of Rocky Ford   Rocky Ford Wastewater Treatment Facility Improvements
  1494   Town of Jamestown   Jamestown Water Treatment Plant Filter Improvements
  1493   Pinery Water and Wastewater District   Well A Project
  1392   Town of Rangely, Colorado   Water Treatment Plant Phase 2 Improvements
  1391   Leprino Foods   Phase 2 Upgrades
  1390   Colorado Springs Utilities   Twin Lakes Vault Flow Meter Replacement
  1389   Colorado Springs Utilities   Biological Phosphorous Removal Project
  1388   Leprino Foods
  Comet Lift Station
  Compass Homes Development
  Angler Mountain Ranch 330,000 Gallon Water Tank
  1386   Cripple Creek & Victor Gold Mining Company
  CC&V Process Solution Enhancement System
  1385   City of Arvada
  Arvada Conversion of WTP Filters
  1384   Absarokee Water and Sewer District
  Absarokee, MT Water Storage Tank and Piping
1383   Colorado Springs Utilities
  Mesa WTP Filter Rehabilitation
  1382   Colorado Springs Utilities
  Widefield Regulating Tank Rehabilitation
  1381   Parker Water & Sanitation District
  Regional Sampling Station
  1280   Inverness Water and Sanitation District   Grange Lift Station Upgrades
  1279   City of Northglenn, Colorado
  Northglenn WWTP BNR Improvements
  1278   City of Longmont, Colorado
  Montgomery Tank Valve Vault Replacement
  1277   City of Westminster, Colorado
  Sodium Hypochlorite Tank Liner Replacement
  1276   City of Golden, Colorado
  Golden WTP Filter Basin Improvements
  1275   Sonley Retain, LLC
  Cityset Lift Station - Phase II (Design-Build)
  1274   Sammuel Engineering, Inc.   Brighton PV Power Plant
  1273   Town of LaVeta, Colorado
  LaVeta Dam Rehabilitation
  1272   Western Area Water Supply Authority
  Water Fill Bulk Stations - Ray & Tioga Depot

Colorado Springs Utilities
  JD Phillips WTF Whey Fermentation System
  1270   Leprino Foods
  Leprino Foods Suction Header Clarifier Retrofit
  1269   City of Pueblo, Colorado   Launder Covers Installation at WRF
  1268   Cherokee Metropolitan District
  Sand Creek Well No. 6 Pump, Control, and Piping System
  1267   Eagle River Water & Sanitation District
  2012 Wastewater Treatment Facilities Improvements
  1266   PacifiCorp   Jim Bridger Wastewater Treatment Facility (Design-Build)
  1265   Town of Castle Rock
  Castle Rock Transmission Line
  1264   City of Watford City, North Dakota
  Wastewater Treatment Facility - Phase 1
  1263   Verizon   Boring - Tecumsh, KS to Lenexa, KS
  1262   Rangeview Water & Sanitation District
  Emergency Liner Repair
  1261   Colorado Springs Utilities
  Drake West Spray Pond Separation Project
1260   Eagle River Water and Sanitation District
  Edwards WWTF Primary Clarifier Pump Replacement
  1259   Greenwood Plaza Water District
  Greenwood Plaza South Well Completion
  1258   City of Box Elder, South Dakota   Ghere Reservoir and Well House
  1257   Canyon Creek HOA
  Canyon Creek WWTF Upgrade
  1256   South Dakota Depart. of Game, Fish and Parks
  Sylvan Lake WWTF Improvements
  1255   Colorado Springs Utilities
  12" Unfinished Water Pump Station and Pipeline
  1254   City of Rapid City, South Dakota
  WRF Pretreatment Improvements
  1153   Colorado Springs Utilities
  Vactor Truck Dump Station
  1152   South Adams County W&S District
  Primary Clarifier Rehabilitation and Sludge Press
  1151   Town of Aguilar, Colorado
  Phase 3 Water System Improvements
  1150   St. Vrain Sanitation District   Phase I - Treatment Facility Expansion
  1149   City of Greeley, Colorado        Bellvue  WTP Filter Media Replacement 
  1148   Colorado Springs Utilities   Fountain Valley Authority Emergency Chemical Scrubber 
  1147   Colorado Springs Utilities    Stratmoor Hills Steel Water Tank 
  1046   Leprnio Foods    Leprino Foods Wastewater Treatment System
  1045    Colorado Springs Utilities   Cheyenne and Pando Lift Stations
  1044   City of Pueblo, Colorado   James R. DiIorio WWTP Ammonia and Nutrient Removal Project
  1042   Town of Berthoud, Colorado   AC Modification Project
  1041   City of Boulder, Colorado   Raw Water Pump
  1040   Winter Park Ranch Water & Sanitation District   Brooky Boulevard Wastewater Lift Station
  1039   Colorado Spring Utilities    Filter Rehabilitation Project 
  1038   Frisco Sanitation District    UV Disinfection Project 
  1037   City of Rocky Ford, Colorado   Water System & Additional Well Supply 
  1036   City of Pueblo, Colorado   James R DiIorio WRF - Section 1 - Dewatering
  1035   El Rancho Metro District    Lift Station No. 1 Mods. 
  1034   Town of Romeo, Colorado   Romeo WWTP 
  1033   Colorado DOT    I-25 & Alameda Pump Station 
  1032   Town of Elizabeth, Colorado   Dawson Well Improvements
  1031   Roxborough Water & Sanitation District   RWSD Transition Vault Improvements
  2930   Town of Gypsum, Colorado   Mosher WTP Improvements
  2929   Colorado Springs Utilities   Sky Flume Concrete Repairs
  2928   Colorado Springs Utilities   Highline Roof Replacement
2927   Evergreen Metropolitan District   Roof Replacement
  2926   Cherokee Metropolitan District   Sewage Lift Stations 1 & 2 
  2925   Upper Blue Sanitation District   Farmers Korner North Plant WWTF
  2924   North Table Mountain Water and Sanitation   Retention Basin Project
  2923   City of Boulder, Colorado   Iris & Cherryvale Pump Stations
  2922   City of Aurora, Colorado   Piney Creek Lift Station Improvements
  2921   Colorado Springs Utilities   Pine Valley Filter Improvements
  2920   City of Louisville, Colorado   Filter Media Replacement
  2919   City of Aurora, Colorado   Cherry Creek Lift Station 15
  2918   US Dept. of Commerce   15kV Feeder Replacement Project
  2817   South Adams County Water and Sanitation District   77th & Pontiac Tank Rehabilitation
  2816   Olde Stage Water District   Olde Stage Water Tank Replacement
  2815   City of Pueblo, Colorado   James R. DiIorio WWTP Influent Screw Pump Replacement
2814   Cherokee Metropolitan District   Black Squirrel WWTF
  2813   Platte Canyon School D1   Platte Canyon WWTP
  2812   City of Thornton, Colorado   Zones 2 & 3 Pump Station
  2811   Ute Water Conservancy   Ute WTP Filter Expansion Project
  2810   Colorado Springs Utilities   Filter Rehabilitation Project
  2809   City of Rocky Ford, Colorado   Zone 1 Storage Tank
  2808   City of Grand Junction, Colorado   Aeration Basin Modifications
  2807   City of Fountain, Colorado   Venetucci Well Improvements
  2806   Morley-Howard Investments   Water Storage Tank
  2805   Eagle River Water and Sanitation District   Vail WWTP Odor Control & HVAC Improvements
  2704   Town of Mead, Colorado   Town of Mead WWTP
  2703   South Adams Counts Water & Sanitation District   Sable Pump Station
  2702   City of Aurora, Colorado   Shop Creek Lift Station Replacement
  2701   US Army Corps of Engineers   Water Line Replacement - Phase 3
  2700   Colorado Springs Utilities   Cascade Creek Intake Improvements
  2799   Division of Wildlife   Poudre Rearing Ponds Water Supply Wells
  2798   City of Broomfield, Colorado   Carbon Road Pump Station
  2797   Town of Dillon, Colorado   Gold Run Lift Station
  2796   Ken-Caryl Ranch Water & Sanitation District   Tank Improvements
  2695   US Army Corps of Engineers   Water Line Replacement - Phase 2
  2694   Todd Creek Water & Sanitation District   Todd Cr.Farms RO Expansion
  2693   Arapahoe County Water and Wastewater Authority   Lone Tree Creek WWTF
  2692   Elbert Water & Sanitation District   Elbert WWTF Improvements
  2691   Widefield Water & Sanitation District   Widefield Digester
  2690   City of Loveland, Colorado   Chasteen's Grove WTP Expansion
  2589   City of Aurora, Colorado   Piney Creek Improvements 
  2588   Colorado Springs Utilities   Big Dry Creek Odor Control
  2587   City of Brighton, Colorado   Brighton WTP Expansion
  2586   Triview Metropolitan District   Tri-View Access Road
  2585   Widefield Water & Sanitation District   Jimmy Camp Lift Station
  2584   Metro Wastewater Reclamation Facility   Metro PAR 877 - Primary Treatment Improvements
  2583   Town of Berthoud, Colorado   Berthoud WWTP
  2582   Denver Board of Water Commissioners   Foothills Flocculation Equipment Replacement
  2581   Ken-Caryl Ranch Water & Sanitation District   Emergency Generator
  2580   Denver Board of Water Commissioners   Eleven Mile Dam
  2579   Colorado Springs Utilities   CSU WWTP Sedimentation Basins
  2478   Classic Development, Flying Horse, LLC   Highway 83 Pump Station
  2477   Denver Board of Water Commissioners   Diesel Fuel Engine Generator Equipment
  2476   Metro Wastewater Reclamation District   Metro PAR 861 - DAF Rehabilitation
  2475   Colorado Springs Utilities   Sunrise Pump Station Upgrades
  2474   City of Northglenn, Colorado   Northglenn WWTP
  2473   US Army Corps of Engineers   Water Line Replacement - Phase 1
  2472   Metro Wastewater Reclamation District   Metro PAR 837
  2471   Perry Parker Water & Sanitation District   Sageport WWTP Improvements
  2370   Town of Castle Rock, Colorado   Eastern WTP
  2369   Colorado Springs Utilities   Research Pump Station Upgrade
  2368   Town of Lochbuie, Colorado   Lochbuie WWTP
  2367   South Fort Collins Sanitation District   Water & Sanitation Improvements
  2366   Town of Eaton, Colorado   2.6MG Steel Water Storage Tank
  2365   Westwood Lake Water District   WTP and Storage Tank
  2364   Copper Mountain Consolidated Metropolitan District   Copper Mountain Well Pump No. 2 Improvements
  2363   Town of Palmer Lake, Colorado   Wells Filter Plant
  2362   City of Englewood, Colorado   PAC & Aqua Ammonia Systems Improvements
  2361   City of Aurora, Colorado   Senac and Murphy Creek Lift Stations
  2360   City of Loveland, Colorado   Loveland WTP Improvements 
  2259   Town of Berthoud, Colorado   Berthoud WWTP
  2258   Colorado Springs Utilities   Solids Handling Pipeline
  2257   Donala Water & Sanitation District   WTP No. 2 Expansion
  2256   Security Water District   Security Well S-2 Building
  2255   US Air Force   Air Force Academy Bar Screen
  2254   City of Pueblo, Colorado   Pueblo Headworks Renovation
  2253   Platte Canyon Water & Sanitation District   Communitor Install
  2252   City of Brighton, Colorado   Brighton Pump Station and Sitework
  2251   Colorado Springs Utilities   Bear Creek Pump Station Replacement
  2250   Eastern Adams County Metropolitan District    EACMD Regional Facility
  2149   CDOT   Straight Creek Pedestrian Bridge
  2148   Pinery Water & Wastewater District   Modifications to Pinery Pump Stations 1, 2, & 3
  2147   City of Lafayette, Colorado   Water Reclamation Plant Expansion
  2146   Metro Wastewater Reclamation District   Metro PAR 692 - Metrogro Farm shop & Equipment Building
  2145   Metro Wastewater Reclamation District   Primary Sedimentation Basin No. 1
  2144   Vista Ridge Development   Vista Ridge Pump Station
  2143   City of Englewood, Colorado   Drain Modifications
  2142   U.S. Forest Service   Fraser Experimental Forest
  2141   City of Greeley, Colorado   WWTP Chemical Building Addition
  2140   Colorado Springs Utilities   Las Vegas WWTF Sedimentation Basin
  2139   Colorado Springs Utilities   Ute Pass WTP
  2138   Ken-Caryl Ranch Masters Association   Ken-Caryl Ranch Recreation Center Repairs
  2137   Colorado Springs Utilities   Las Vegas WWTF Upgrades
  2036   Ken-Caryl Ranch Water & Sanitation District   North Ranch/North Plains Lift Station
  2035   City of Cherry Hills Village, Colorado   Cherry Hills Check Dam Rehabilitation
  2034   Metro Wastewater Reclamation District   Metro PAR 791
  2033   Cityview Patio Ventures   Zone 4 Booster Station
  2032   Colorado Springs Utilities   Pine Valley/McCullough Fluoridation Systems
  2031   Donala Water & Sanitation District   Upper Monument Creek Regional Wastewater
  2030   City of Cherry Hills Village, Colorado   Cherry Hills Ditch Rehabilitation
  2029   Rangeview Metropolitan District   Coal Creek WWRF
  2028   Colorado Springs Utilities   Las Vegas Street WWTP Improvements
  2027   St. Mary's Glacier Water & Wastewater District   Saint Mary's Glacier WWTP
  2026   City of Golden, Colorado   Golden 6400 Pump Station
  2025   Colorado Springs Utilities   Pikeview Pump Station Improvements
  2024   Havana Water & Sanitation District   Lift Station No. 1 Upgrade
  2023   Left Hand Water District   Spurgeon WTP Improvements
  2022   Metro Wastewater Reclamation District   Metro PAR 769 - In Plant Force Main
  2021   Littleton/Englewood WWTP   Littleton/Englewood WWTP Chemical Building Building Remodel
  9920   City of Glendale, Colorado   Glendale WWTP Sludge Handling Improvements
  9919   City of Broomfield, Colorado    Broomfield WTP Generator Pad
  9918   Metro Wastewater Reclamation District   Metro PAR 733
  9916   Centex Homes   Miramonte Farms Lift Station
  9915   Walker Parking Consultants   DIA Parking Structure Improvements
  9914   Parker Water & Sanitation District   Parker North/Bradbury Well Facility
  9913   Crestview Water & Sanitation District   Little Dry Creek Check Dam
  9812   South Adams County Water & Sanitation District   North Range Wastewater Collection System Pumping Stations
  9811   Colorado Real Estate & Investment Corporation   Foxridge Farms WWTP
  9810   Plum Creek Wastewater Authority   East Plum Creek WWTP Improvements
  9809   Paint Brush Hills Metropolitan District   Paint Brush Hills WWTP Improvements
  9808   City of Broomfield, Colorado   South Boulder Pump Station
  9807   Caldwell Tanks, Inc.   High Zone Water Storage Tank Foundation and Pipelien 
  9806   Metro Wastewater Reclamation District   Metro PAR 704 - Effluent Pilot Ponds
  9805   Metro Wastewater Reclamation District   Metro PAR 644 - Control Improvements
  9804   City of Brighton, Colorado   High Zone Pump Station and Transmission Main
  9803   Centex Homes   Miramonte Farms Lift Station
  9802   City of Thornton   Thornton WTP
  9801   Metro Wastewater Reclamation District   Meto PAR 534

"Success is on the far side of failure." 

- T.J. Watson, founder IBM