Current Projects

Glacier is proud to work with clients that are completing some of the largest and most ambitious projects in the country. We pride ourselves on building and maintaining excellent relationships with our clients through professional dedication, ethical integrity, and value-based approach to project delivery.

Our current work is centered on Bid-Build projects. This process has worked for public and private organizations over the past century but will be more and more limited in the future as projects become more complex and needs become more immediate. We are currently working with clients and consultants whom we have existing relationships with to expand our alternative project delivery resume.

With these strong partnerships we will become one of the premier Design-Builders for water infrastructure projects. As we move into new markets and build new relationships we will maintain our commitments, goals, and values.

Below is a listing of our projects currently under construction. They are listed in order from those most recently awarded to those nearing completion.

Metro PAR 1239 Flow Meter Program (2018)
Metro Wastewater Reclamation District
  North & South Booster Pump Station
East Cherry Creek Valley Water & Sanitation District
  Howard Berry Water Treatment Plant Improvements
City of Louisville
  Spurgeon Water Treatment Plant Clearwell Replacement
Left Hand Water District
  Zone 3 Sunset Ridge Elevated Water Storage Tank
City of Westminster
  Roxbury Pump Station Re-Chlorination
Colorado Springs Utilities
  McCullough Tank 1 Rehabilitation
Colorado Springs Utilities
  Upper Monument Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility
Donala Water & Sanitation District
  Baseline Water Treatment Plant Carbon Feeder
City of Lafayette