80th & Clay Lift Station

Owner: City of Westminster
Designer: Kennedy/Jenks Consultants
Value: $2,208,753
Award Date: September 12, 2017
Anticipated Completion Date: June 29, 2018

Project Overview:
Constructing new lift station with submersible pumps and a valve vault, installing approximately 585 lf of 8" and 24" PVC gravity sewer main and manholes, installing approximately 2,210 lf of new 4" PVC of HDPR force main using horizontal directional drilling, installing approximately 130 lf of new force main using open cut trenching, rehabilitating approximately 610 lf of existing 4" force main using HDD in-reaming, demo of existing lift station and associated equipment, and site restoration. A conduit and fiber optic cable will be installed with the new force main to connect the lift station to the City's SCADA system. Fiber terminations and SCADA programming are included as part of this project. All electrical work at the lift station site, including a new diesel generator, is included.