Pinery Well A-16

Owner: Denver Southeast Suburban Water & Sanitation District
Designer: Dewberry Engineers
Value: $249,475
Award Date: July 19, 2017
Anticipated Completion Date: December 1, 2017

Project Overview:
Coordinate installation of one pitless adapter, one submersible well pump and pump control equipment (provided). Provide excavation, shoring, backfill, compaction, conduits and wiring required for installation of one pitless unit and well head slab and enclosure. Install burried piping and appurtenances to connect the well to the meter vault, connect the meter vault to the existing 12" pipe. Install one buried pre-cast water meter vault, including a poured concrete floor, floor drain, magnetic flow meter, air/vac valve, interior piping, electrical equipment, instrumentation and appurtenances. Install site improvements including site grading, concrete equipment pads, gravel driveway/parking area, fencing, and buried drain pipe. Install electrical equipment, controls, instrumentation, conduits and wiring as shown. Coordinate installation, testing and start-up of electrical and control equipment provided by others.