Ken Caryl Valley Pump Station

Owner: Ken-Caryl Ranch Water & Sanitation District
Designer: Dewberry Engineers
Value: $421,750
Award Date: May 2, 2017
Anticipated Completion Date: November 6, 2017

Project Overview:

Site and structural work to include Water Storage Tank 2 access hatch and concrete base repairs and removal then replacement of Water Storage Tank 2 and 3 roof deck coating. Mechanical work to include system air release valve inspection and repair (x7), flow switch installation on pump discharge lines (x5), sump pump replacement, and sandblast and painting Pump Station and dishcarge piping headers and valves located below finish floor level in the pump station. Electrical work to include replacement of motor control center no. 2 (MCC-2), replacement of MCC-2 cables for pumps 2 and 5, replacement of the automatic transfer swtich no. 1 (ATS-1), replacement of the programmable logic controller (PLC-1) cabinet, and flow switch electrical integration.