What We Do

Glacier Construction Co., Inc. is a general industrial contractor based in Greenwood Village, Colorado. We work primarily in the heavy civil / industrial sector of the construction industry.

We excel at, and are most passionate about, building projects that clean water and the environment. Collectively we have centuries of experience building intake structures, wells, treatment facilities, pipelines, pump stations, storage facilities, and other infrastructure. We pride ourselves on our ability to tackle the most complex projects - intricate retrofit work, difficult shoring, complex temporary process systems - that require continuous ingenuity and resourcefulness.

Glacier typically self-performs much of the work that we do.  The superior skills, training, and dedication of our employees allows us to deliver a quality product on-time and on-budget for our customers.  For those aspects of a project that we do not self-perform, we team with qualified subcontractors to insure that the Owner receives best-in-class value and quality product that will perform as needed for its intended life-cycle.

The following is an overview of work that we generally self-perform on projects.

Site Work

Capabilities and Expertise:

  • Storm water management and erosion control
  • Design and construction of dewatering systems and groundwater management
  • Site preparation and preservation
  • Mass excavation and backfill in a variety of soil and rock site conditions.
  • Structural excavation and backfill using engineered fills, textiles, drainage, and membrane systems.
  • Design, fabrication, and installation of sheeting, shoring, and bracing systems for a wide variety of applications.
  • Drilled or driven piles



Like most heavy civil construction companies, we eat and breathe concrete formwork and placement. Our Superintendents pride themselves on clean, straight surfaces that do their intended job as well as serve as a monument to the hard work and dedication that our people bring to each project.

Capabilities and Expertise:
  • Reinforced concrete slabs, walls, columns, suspended decks of almost any size, shape, finish, or function.  Our specialty is water-bearing structural concrete tanks.
  • Light weight concrete and slurry for a variety of applications
  • Mass or surgical demolition as necessary
  • Concrete repair and retrofit and leak repair
  • Slurry walls
  • Tensioned concrete


Process Equipment

Our engineering staff, Superintendents, millwrights, fitters, and mechanics have successfully installed, started, and transferred every major type of equipment used in the water and wastewater industry. We strive to make each installation approach perfection so that the equipment operates as needed for decades.

Capabilities and Expertise:
  • Procurement, storage, maintenance, installation, start-up, and turnover of myriad types and sizes of process equipment from reverse osmosis units to vertical centrifugal pumps
  • Installation, start-up, and balancing of electric motors 0.25 to 550 HP
  • Proven anchorage and support solutions for a wide variety of equipment


Process Mechanical & Piping Systems

For most of our Engineers and Superintendents, the most exciting part about each project is working with the process mechanical and piping systems. We love to figure out how a complex pipe gallery or dizzying network of yard or chemical pipe needs to work with permanent and temporary systems. Our engineering staff excels at 3D modeling to provide our clients with visualization tools to choose how they want supports, instrumentation, valves, and equipment to be positioned and oriented to best serve their long-term process and operating concerns. Our engineering system finds conflicts and oversights and provides a process through which we can add value for our clients.

Capabilities and Expertise:

  • Building Information Modeling services for structural, architectural, and mechanical systems.
  • Detailed modeling, procurement, and installation of plastic, steel, concrete, ductile iron, cast iron, copper, bronze, aluminum, brass, clay, and exotic pipe in sizes from 1/4" through 108" in diameter for line pressures to 10,000 psi.
  • Design and integration of temporary systems as needed to facilitate construction or maintain process capability.
  • Digital As-Built asset management.


Additional Specialties 

In addition to the specifics discussed above, our carpenters, millwrights, pipe fitters, and office staff have a wide variety of experience working with steel, wood, plastics, doors, windows, skylights, and other specialty construction to meet the particular needs of each project.

Capabilities and Expertise:

  • Wood and steel framing for structures, roofing, etc.
  • Structural steel detailing and erection
  • Miscellaneous metals detailing and erection
  • Installation of doors, windows, and skylights
  • Exterior and interior finish work
  • Coating systems